NOCO GB40 Review – Best 1000 A Lithium Battery Jump Starter

NOCO GB40 Lithium Battery Jump Starter Review
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The Genius Boost GB40 is popular because of its ability to help boost your vehicle when it has battery issues. Many of our customers wonder why the Noco GB40 can work greatly like so. So, we have tested and made this Noco GB40 review to explain all the specific and technical features of this product.

After reading this Noco Boost Plus GB40 review, you will understand how the product works! Scroll down to find out!

Specific Information About The NOCO GB40

Unboxing The Noco Boost Plus GB40

Unboxing the Noco boost plus GB40

Here are the very first things you may notice about the Noco Genius Boost GB40 after unboxing the package.

There are a lot of things you can find on the front side of this Noco boost ultrasafe jump starter. In detail, the Noco Genius GB40 model is designed with a power switch, a light switch, and a trigger that shows override status. In addition, this GB40 Noco is also equipped with 4 LED lights. These LEDs will show you the status of your battery, including its health and energy amount.

We have been quite impressed with the construction of this Noco gb40 jump starter. The hard plastic will insulate the electricity between the GB40 jump box and your hands. Also, this material will protect this Noco 1000 amp from outside physical impact, keeping this powerful mini jump starter durable for a long period of time.

Despite the solid construction, this GB40 boost jump starter looks quite compact. The lightweight of 2.4 pounds and the small dimension of 6.57 x 3.15 x 7.72 inches make the GB40 jump starter highly portable to hold and carry around.

NOCO GB40 With Compact Size

NOCO GB40 With Compact Size

On the backside, you will notice 2 USB ports on this Noco boost gb40. One port allows you to connect this GB40 boost to any device that has a micro USB, and the other ports will help you recharge the energy of this Noco 40.

Besides all things you can see on the appearance of this Noco GB40 boost plus, there is also some specific information:

  • Ampe: 1000A
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery: Lithium Metal
  • Gas engines: Maximal 6.0 Liters
  • Diesel engines: Maximal 3.0 Liters
  • Lumens of LED lights: 100 Lumens
  • Attach clamps length: 23 inches
  • USB cable length: 40 inches
  • Vehicle Type Support: Passenger Car, boats, motorbikes, trucks, lawnmowers

Technical Feature And Benefits Of The GB40

Now, we will dive deeper into the main detail of our Noco GB40 review to see all the technical features and benefits of this Noco GB40 genius boost lithium jump starter.

Compact And Solid Construction

As mentioned, the GB40 jump box by Noco looks quite compact but solid due to the hard plastic material. The lightweight of 2.4 pounds gives you permission to put this Noco genius boost 7000 easily in your glove box or handy bag.

Compared to the size of an iPhone 7, this Noco gb40 jump box is just a little bit bigger.

The hard plastic material will protect the GB40 1000a Noco jump starter from light impact. For example, if you let the portable mini jump starter unit fall down by accident, the chance for it to break down is not high. All the main parts inside this Noco GB40 1000a jump starter will still be able to remain durable and functional.

More than that, the manufacturer has rubberized the body of the Noco genius boost+ GB40 with protective paint. With this help, the Noco boost plus can avoid the harmful effects of Ultraviolet rays, sunlight, and water!


You probably worry about the Noco Genius GB40 not charging issue, right? Well! You can rest assured that there will be no Noco GB40 charging problems!

The Noco gb40 battery charger can work well with any type of USB power source. There is even a 40-inch USB cable coming along with the product. What you need to do is connect the Noco gb40 charger to the source of power throughout this cable.

If the issue of Noco GB40 not charging occurs, probably the cable has broken down. In this situation, you should find some Noco GB40 replacement cables.

Spark Proof Technology

Actually, if you connect the Genius Boost 7000’s terminals to the battery poles in the wrong direction, the charging issue will occur due to the electrical polarity reverse. As a consequence, this problem will cause sparking and electrical hazards.

However, the Noco company has applied its spark-proof technology to build the attached clamps. This technology will prevent the polarity reverse when you fail to connect them to the terminals by accident.

Spark Proof Technology On NOCO GB40

Spark Proof Technology On NOCO GB40

LED Lights

The LED lights of this Noco Genius Boost Plus GB40 are really functional. The LED lights of 100 Lumens inform you of the battery status of your Noco genius 1000 amp. In fact, these LED lamps appear with 7 modes that explain the battery state, thereby supporting you in charging the portable jump starter on time.

On the other hand, the lamps of the Booster Noco GB40 can help you solve multiple problems.

For example, when your car has an issue on the dark road and you need to fix it immediately, the lights of the pocket jump starter will shine on the road for you to have a better view. Or when you are in an emergency case, you can use the lights to pass signals in order to attract other people’s attention.

NOCO GB40 With LED Flashlight And Seven Light Modes

NOCO GB40 With LED Flashlight And Seven Light Modes

Mini USB Ports

You will find 2 USB ports on the backside of the Noco Genius 1000’s case.

The first port, as described, is a built-in 2.1 A Micro USB output. The electricity will go out from this port. By connecting the Noco GB40 1000a to any other electronic USB device, you are able to transfer energy to them!

With this micro USB port, you can totally see this GB40 Noco boost plus as a portable backup charger for your mobile devices. The Genius GB40 jump starter will help you recharge your tablet, laptop, smartphone, GPS, PSP, or controller quickly right after an in-plug.

The other port is input with the 2.1 A USB type. The Genius boost plus will get energy from the other USB power sources throughout this input. Typically, you will need about 3 hours and more to have your Noco genius 1000 amp lithium jump starter fully charged.

NOCO GB40 Can Charge Electronic Devices With USB Port

NOCO GB40 Can Charge Electronic Devices With USB Port

Dead Battery Recover

Dead battery recovery is the main feature of the Noco boost plus gb40 1000 amp 12v ultrasafe lithium jump starter. If your passenger car stops working because its battery dies, the Noco boost plus GB40 1000 will bring the battery back to life.

The name has said everything! This Noco genius boost gb40 7000 joules can support your car engine with ease, by adding more than 7000 joules right after about 3 seconds. As a result, your battery will get back to function and the car will start operating again.

Don’t worry about the type of your engine! The Noco boost plus 12v 1000a supports up to 2 different engines, which are 6.0 L gas-fueled engines and 3.0 L diesel-powered engines. In fact, you can not only find these engine types in passenger cars but also in boats, motorbikes, trucks, lawnmowers, and so on!

NOCO GB40 Has A rugged and water-resistant enclosure rated at IP65

NOCO GB40 Has A rugged and water-resistant enclosure rated at IP65

Pros And Cons

We will summarize our Noco genius boost plus gb40 1000 amp review in this section. Here, you can see all the pros and cons of this GB40 boost plus.

What We Like
  • 100-lumen multi-functional LED flashlight
  • Strobe lights with 7 light modes
  • 2.1 A USB output and input for connection with other devices
  • Included manual and safety precautions
  • Affordable price
  • Water-resistant enclosure rated at IP65
  • Sturdy construction
  • Many vehicles support a single charge
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Durable jumper cables
  • Spark-proof connections
  • Dead battery recovering
  • Three-liter diesel engines support
  • Six-liter gas engine support
Thing to Consider
  • No wall charger coming along
  • No big vehicle and V8 engine support
  • The difficulty of terminal connection

Buying, Using, And Maintaining Guide

Noco boost plus gb40 1000amp

Noco genius boost plus gb40 1000 amp 12v ultrasafe lithium jump starter

Here, we will share with you some useful tips that help you buy, use, and maintain the Noco boost plus gb40 portable car battery jump starter!

How to buy the GB40 Noco Genius?

There are a lot of things you need to consider when buying the Noco genius ultrasafe lithium jump starter.

Trustable Distributor

You surely don’t want to get fake battery jump starters, right? Therefore, it is very important to find a trustable distributor.

If you belong to the Noco GB40 UK market, we recommend you buy an Amazon Noco GB40. Amazon is a big and trustable brand that can give you a good Noco GB40 sale. For the US market, you will find many options for this powerful jump starter from either Amazon or Noco GB40 Autozone distributors.


Don’t worry about the Noco GB40 price because it is quite affordable. If you think positively, with the current Noco GB40’s best price, the product is even a great deal to get.

The reason is, this Noco gb40 genius can serve multiple purposes. Instead of buying a car jumper and a smartphone backup charger, you can have both in one product! Also, you can get benefits from its flashlight to do your work in a dark area!


When buying, make sure that you check whether the Noco GB40 accessories are included or not. Usually, the product will come along with a GB40 charger, a standard Lithium jump battery, attach clamps, USB cables, and so on.

Suppose you want to have more convenience in protecting and carrying this Noco genius boost ultrasafe lithium jump starter. You should also look for a Noco GB40 hard case.

You can find a good Noco GB40 case in many Noco genius boost jump starter stores. There are a lot of good products to choose from. But in our opinion, the Noco gbc013 model is the best. This gbc013 is the equipment provided by the original brand Noco that specially serves the high-end jump starter.


How to use the GB40?

In order to avoid serious Noco GB40 problems, you should learn how to use this Noco boost plus GB40 1000 amp 12v.

Step 1: Attach The Clamps To The Terminals Of The Battery

The first thing to do is attach the clamps to the battery terminals of your car. These clamps are made with spark-proof technology so that you can rest assured about the safety of usage!

Step 2: Turn On The Gb40 Noco Jump Starter

Since attaching is completed, you should switch the Noco genius boost plus on. Simply click on the Power Button right in the middle of the compact jump starter.

If you hear a Noco genius boost gb40 clicking noise, this means the jump starter has turned on.

Step 3: Start The Car

After that, you should attempt to start the car. The dead battery of your vehicle will now get power from the Noco genius boost 7000 joules to get back to function.

If you see the Noco gb40 not working automatically, try changing to the Manual Overdrive mode. To get into the manual mode, click and hold the Manual Overdrive for more than 3 seconds. When your work is done, click the Power Button to exit the mode.

Step 4: Remove The Noco Boost Plus Ultrasafe Jump Starter

The work will complete if the car runs. You should let the vehicle be and eject the Noco genius boost plus GB40 1000 from it.

How to maintain the GB40 Genius?

The last thing we want to advise you in our Noco boost plus review is, you should maintain the device regularly.

Always check the battery state of the Gb40 genius boost 7000! After a time of usage, the product’s battery may downgrade and become less functional. If there is any problem with it, you should buy a new replacement.

Also, make sure that all the flexible cables don’t wear out. Otherwise, the device will be unable to transfer electricity to jump-start your vehicle.

NOCO GB40 Review From Customers

We can say that the genius GB40 model has proved its great ability, after reading the Noco genius GB40 review from many other customers.

Most customers agree that the Noco boost plus GB40 is simple to use. With the help of the device, these buyers don’t need much effort to jump-start their vehicles after the battery is dead.

NOCO GB40 Review From Customer

Not only the convenience of usage, but the Noco GB40 has also pleased many users due to its long-lasting performance.

NOCO GB40 Review From Customers

Last Words

That’s all things you need to know about the Noco boost plus GB40! This product really does the job of jump-starting the dead battery of many vehicles. All thanks to its multiple great features!

So, if you like this Noco genius boost plus jump starter, don’t hesitate to buy it! The device definitely won’t make you disappointed!

And now, our Noco GB40 review will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!