Can You Charge A Car Battery Through A Cigarette Lighter: Solution

Can You Charge A Car Battery Through The Cigarette Lighter
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You may have a cigarette lighter available in your car to light up your cigarette, but you may not know that it also doubles as a phone charger. So, can you charge a car battery through a cigarette lighter or not?

Do not panic and keep calm! All of the information you need is available in our article. Scroll down and find out the answer right now!

Can You Charge A Car Battery Through The Cigarette Lighter?

New-designed automobiles normally have 12VDC power outlets, with the main function being charging the appliances rather than just heating as before.

Therefore, if anyone is dubious about the charging ability of cigarette lighters, the answer is yes. However, there are several caveats you need to keep in mind before doing it.

The socket must stay “live” in the circuitry. If not,  it will make your potential ignition become an accessory.  Then, the most important thing is that you need to keep the charge rate low enough to avoid blowing the lighter socket fuse.

10 Amps will be better in many cases because it will take only several minutes to approach a depleted state sufficiently to start the engine.

Car battery

Car battery

How Do You Charge A Car Battery With A Cigarette Lighter To Get The Best Result?

If you are in an urgent situation when the energy of items runs out on journeys, a cigarette lighter will be the best bet you can use at that time.

Preparing a 15-amp fuse for the cigarette socket is essential to avoid unwanted situations. Blowing is an outstanding example in this case, which can damage your property and body if you are present there.

All you have to do now is connect your deep cycle batteries to your vehicle’s cigarette plug, preferably with a thick gauge copper cable. As mentioned above,  keeping the charge rate at 10 amps is better for you in many cases.

We recommend that the charging duration should not exceed one hour. It would be best if you unplug it out before the socket warms up or even becomes damaged.


How Do You Charge A 12 Volt Battery With A Cigarette Lighter?

Car Cigarette Lighter

Car Cigarette Lighter

A 12-volt battery has a similar charging method to a regular one. It will help if you plug it into the vehicle’s socket, then push the switch button. The battery will refill automatically from being drained to the full state after several minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Jumpstart A Car Through The Cigarette Lighter?

We regret to inform you that starting a four-wheel vehicle via the ignition socket is not a good idea.

There is the same immense flow of amperage occurring between both the jump box and your automobile when you do that.

If you are trying to run that type of amperage in your car, we are afraid that an accident can happen to you anytime, such as something melting or even catching on fire.

Jump start a car battery

Jump-start a car battery

Does The Cigarette Lighter Work When You Turn Off The Car?

No, it does not have constant power when the automobile does not work. Because if manufacturers design that function, it can lead to an unnecessary drain or even mitigate the battery life.

Does Trickle Charge Through Cigarette Lighter Reduce Car Battery Life?

No, do not worry about it because this trickling method will offer a lengthy battery maintenance strategy without reducing the battery life.

Another advantage of this trick is that it will assist you in storing the energy of the battery while you are refilling it, though it can not provide you with full power in a short time.

However, whether the battery life can be long-term or not mainly depends on your user behavior. Manufacturers can not ensure good quality for a long time unless you use it properly, regardless of the charging method.

Can I Recharge A Car Dead Battery Via Cigarette Lighter?

Although the cigarette lighter in your four-wheel vehicle can keep the battery healthy, it can never make a dead one recover one more time.

Remember that you need at least 20 minutes to reach the full state and do not use it to jumpstart the car.


Can you charge a car battery through a cigarette lighter? Of course,  you can totally do it, but keep in mind some notes we mentioned above to have a safe and effective using process.

We hope that the information we have provided will help you use the cigarette lighter to refill your automobile battery and all of your essential items later.

Wish you have an interesting user experience ahead!

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