How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last? 3 Tips For Extending Their Lifespan

How long do golf cart batteries last
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Despite the availability of gas versions, most golf carts available in the industry are battery-powered. There are many questions regarding golf cart batteries.

How long do golf cart batteries last? They might last from a few months to seven years. If stored in perfect condition, they can work for a decade.

This post will look at the primary elements that impact the golf cart battery lifespan. You can also learn how to use it for longer. Let’s join us!

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

These products can stay in good condition for about 5 to 7 years. The correct answer will vary depending on several factors.


After the charger keeps pumping power into the cell, the internal becomes too hot even when it’s 100% full. When overcharging becomes a habit, it reduces the battery’s lifespan significantly.

Most charges, thankfully, are automatic now. When it charges your device fully, it will stop working.

You won’t have to worry about overcharging, provided that nothing bad happens with the power source or the charger.

Many chargers, though, do not have an automatic switch-off feature. In this case, you need an alarm clock to ensure that they don’t work excessively.

Overcharging is a common mistake

Overcharging is a common mistake 


Cleaning the battery is an important part of maintenance. You could notice an accumulation of corrosion around the terminals over time.

Hence, clean them thoroughly and regularly to avoid damage. You can learn how to do it correctly from this video:

The method by which you recharge your cells is another aspect of effective maintenance.

You should recharge them every time you use them. It’s not good for them to be left empty for lengthy periods.

You can also extend their lifespan by allowing them to go through a recurring charge and discharge cycle.

Also, make sure they’re charging in a well-ventilated place. They will not overheat thanks to the ventilation.


Like other products, when you buy these batteries, you get what you paid for.

There are several affordable options available that can last for years. However, if you need a product to use for ten years, be ready to pay more.

Frequency of use

Some golf carts work more often than others, which impacts the battery’s endurance.

The ones on cart fleets get higher usages, usually two or three rounds per day, than the private ones. With proper care, the batteries on such carts can only work for four to six years.

On the other hand, the privately used cart works three times a week. It certainly can remain in good condition for longer, from six to ten years.

How often do you use the cart

How often do you use the cart?


Headlights, sirens, and windscreen wipers may come in certain golf carts. These features put a little extra burden on the battery, lowering its lifetime.

However, this effect is minor and should not discourage you from adding the features you need.


Long-term exposure to high temperatures can shorten the life of the battery.

Although battery storage is best in cooler conditions, you should avoid keeping it where extreme cold is coming.

It’s a good idea to check the battery voltage every five weeks. Also, give it a boost charge if it’s only 70% charged or less.

How To Prolong My Golf Cart’s Battery Life?

We have discussed the factors that impact these cells’ lifespans. You may notice some storing tips to avoid damage to such products.

Besides, there are some different methods to help maximize the battery’s longevity. Let’s read through!

Maintain fluid levels

The most important thing to remember is to water the batteries frequently, at least once a month. Before watering, ensure that the batteries are 100% full.

Also, make sure to use distilled water for this task. Tap water may cause a variety of problems.

Only use distilled water

Only use distilled water 

Charge correctly

Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate type of charger for the cell.

For optimal longevity and performance, we suggest using a three-phase charger. Also, charge the battery to maximum capacity after every usage.

If you don’t intend on using your cart, you should know that leaving the battery unused for a long time can dramatically shorten its lifespan.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: trickle charging. When you don’t need to have the charger, you may opt for this mode to maintain the cell’s power and condition.

Minimize corrosion risk

Your battery is robust, but it isn’t resistant to external elements. Wiring connections will corrode over time, shortening their life.

Store or wrap the pack in a temperature-controlled, cool, and dry environment when possible.


When To Replace Your Golf Cart Battery?

If your golf cart collapses in the middle of a game, it may be a terrible pain.

Not only is this an unpleasant situation, but having to pay to tow the cart is a significant headache.

You can run a few simple tests before bringing it to the seller to determine whether a faulty cell is truly to blame.

Charging problems

Before you head out, double-check that you have fully charged your cart. If not, reconnect it to the charger and then follow the on-screen directions.

Check sure the charger is active if the charger is the cause. There should be a signal to signify that it is working.

In this case, deactivate the charger and drive your cart. If it can run, there won’t be any problem.

Terminal problems

Check that the connections on your cart are firmly attached by opening the battery compartment.

Slightly loose connections might cause problems. Solving it will bring everything back on track.

Tug firmly on each terminal wire where it links to the terminal. Then, tighten the cords if there is any slippage, and attempt recharging for a few hours more.

Acid levels

Check to check whether there are lids on the tops of the batteries. If caps are there, open them and ensure that the fluid has properly filled the cells within.

This fluid contains acid, so avoid splashing it on your eyes or clothes. It’ll catch on fire.

If you need to refill the acid, just fill to a degree that is slightly higher than the cells. Remember that the acid should only reach the lead cells within for expansion.


The cart batteries aren’t permanent. They come close to their final work when years pass.

If the cells are nearing the end of the manufacturer’s warranty, you might want to consider replacing them immediately.

Decreased power

Despite being fully charged, the cart doesn’t seem to have the same energy as it once did. It moves slower and struggles to climb.

Such symptoms indicate that the cells are not efficient anymore and need replacement.

Check everything carefully to identify the cause

Check everything carefully to identify the cause

Final Words

If you know how to use and maintain the golf cart batteries, they can last up to ten years. The rule of thumb is to keep them in a cool, dry environment.

Besides, check their fluid level, wiring, and corrosion regularly. Another tip for using these products for longer is to buy them from reliable brands.

Hopefully, we have satisfactorily answered your questions. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!