Expert Tips: How To Jump A Car Effectively

How to jump a car
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Everyone knows dead batteries lead to sudden shutdowns. In this case, you may wonder, how to jump a car? A car owner should know these basic techniques. With just one simple kit, you can get your car restarted with ease and continue your journey. Scroll down for more detail.

Why Does Your Car Need Jumping? 

Your car stops working for many reasons. Some require a jumper, and others need more specialized repairs. Check out the information below and see what your vehicle is going through.

Dead Battery

Weak or dead batteries are a common problem for most cars. It leads to the vehicle not starting as usual. If you experience this problem in the middle of your journey, do not worry too much. Jumping can solve this problem. However, how do you jumpstart a car by yourself? We will reveal more about it in the next section.

Frozen Fuel Line

Inclement weather harms your vehicle’s fuel lines. Frozen parts are also one of the causes of breakdowns. That’s when jumper cables become more useful than ever. It can be incredibly simple to warm up the engine.

You can find the step-by-step instructions below. Check it out!

Dirty Plugs

Dirty spark plugs prevent fuel ignition. As a result, you cannot start your car in the usual way. In this case, jumping might help, but it is not a complete solution.

We highly recommend cleaning the spark plug or replacing it with a new one. If you have no idea, take your vehicle to an authentic maintenance store as soon as possible. Skilled repairmen can tell you the most suitable procedures.

Likewise, a damaged alternator or starter also prevents the vehicle from starting. Unfortunately, jumping cannot make your car run immediately. It requires expert repairs for proper maintenance or replacement of damaged components.

However, knowing how to jumpstart a car can save your car in many situations. Let’s move on to the next section, with lots of great tips for this.

How To Jump A Car With Jumper Cables 

Necessary Tools

If you are wondering how much it costs to jump a car, don’t worry, a jumper cable is almost all you need! A jumper cable is an insulated cable with two alligator clips at each end. Their shapes are comparable to crocodile heads, distinguished by two clips of different colors, and each clip represents the positive (red) and negative (black) polarity.

Jumper cable

It is best to bring a jumper cable with you on every trip

This tool will come in handy for unexpected emergencies, especially when you are wondering how to jumpstart a car by yourself. Regardless of the brand, it would be best to buy and take a jumper cable with you on any trip.

How To Jump-Start A Car With A Dead Battery

With a jumper cable, you can easily jump your car and get back on the road within 10-20 minutes. Here is the complete guide on how to jump a car battery that is completely dead:

  • Step 1: Define The Power Source

First, you need to find a good battery source. If you do not have a portable battery on hand, ask other car owners for help. Their inbuilt batteries are great alternatives.

Most drivers experience this problem from time to time. We believe you can easily get support from them.

  • Step 2: Position Both Vehicles

Since you have to connect the cables to the two batteries, you should shorten the distance between the cars to a moderate extent. It is best to place two cars parallel or facing each other.

You should leave a space between the two cars for easy manipulation

You should leave a space between the two cars for easy manipulation

If you choose the latter, keep the two ends of the vehicle about two feet apart. This space is ideal for you to move back and forth and take the next steps.

  • Step 3: Stabilize Both Cars

Working with a running engine can lead to dangerous situations. Remember, safety first! Keep in mind to turn off both engines before taking any further action.

Then open the hood to access the battery. Do not forget to secure each one firmly. You would not want it to collapse while working!

  • Step 4: Connect The Red Clip

As soon as you see the car battery, you can notice its two terminals. They are separated by positives and negatives. Connecting the correct polarity to the jumper cables is a must to power a dead battery.

Let’s start with red clips first. Connect it to the positive nubs of your dead battery. Connecting with the new, good one can result in unsafe recharge, leading to dangerous situations.

If you are unsure of its location, choose the one marked “POS” or “+.” Another popular tip in this step is to go with the larger of the two terminals. Then do the same with the other.

  • Step 5: Connect The Black Clips  

Clasp the black clip on the good battery’s negative terminal, denoted by “NEG” or “-.” Next, fix the other end of the unpainted metal part of your vehicle, such as the frame, bolt, or engine block.

Working with clips in the correct sequence is a must

Working with clips in the correct sequence is a must

  • Step 6: Turn The Working Engine On

Ask the owner with a good battery to start their car. Keep the engine idle for a few minutes. Now, it’s time to charge your dead battery fully.

  • Step 7: Start Your Car 

Turn on your car. If it can boot, continue the process for a short while. If not, it is unfortunate that you should spend more money on your car.

  • Step 8: Remove The Cable

Let your car charge for a few minutes. Afterward, disconnect the cable in reversing order: from black to red cable. Your car should be in good shape by now to continue your journey.


How To Jump A Car Battery Without Another Car 

Using a traditional jumper is only useful when you can find a good battery source. Next is how to jump a car without another car. These tools/services can become your savior. Do not miss out on them.

Automatic Jump Starter

Here is a guide on how to jump a car from the starter. It is useless to worry about the power source anymore as it is right in your trunk. An automatic jump starter includes jumper cables and a portable battery. It is a convenient replacement without any help from other car owners. The way to use this product is almost the same as the procedure above. However, it is best to consult the enclosed user manual first.

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

An automatic jump starter comes up with a portable battery

Expert Service

You may now know how to jump into a car without a car, but what if the problem persists? The worst-case scenario is that you cannot do anything more with your car. It’s time to call a professional repair service. You can contact a reliable roadside rescue service. They will send out medium trucks and take your car to the repair station.

Another alternative is the pick-up/drop-off service. A mechanic comes with his car to jump your car. They can also perform an on-site warranty if your vehicle needs additional specialist repairs.

In Conclusion

The above article has summed up everything you need on how to jump a car. If your car happens to break down on a trip, remember these steps. However, it would help to bring the car to the service station as soon as possible. A general inspection is the best preparation for your next trip. As the last word, we hope that the information above can help you in some emergencies. Thanks for reading!

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