How Long Does A Jump Starter Last? 5 Facts You Should Know

How Long Does A Jump Starter Last
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Every driver should store a jump starter in the car trunk when planning to drive on long cruising trips. This device can kick-start your car when the battery dies out and save you from many troubles.

However, we are too busy to regularly check the jump-starter, and it may stop working after a long usage period. So, how long does a jump starter last?

A typical jump start can last around 4-7 years on average, based on reviews and manufacturer’s claims. The lifespan of this device can be reduced without maintenance and proper storage conditions.

Let’s explore the in-depth information about the jump starter!

What Is A Jump Starter?

The jump starters are familiar tools for car drivers who frequently drive on long road tracks. Due to the advance in technology, this product has gradually become cheaper, more effective, and more portable.

Car drivers use this device to kick-start their vehicle’s dead batteries. When stuck in the middle of the road with no nearby vehicles or car fixing stores, using the jump-starter is the easiest and most efficient way to deal with this problem.

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How Does A Jump Starter Work?

When activated, battery starters produce a very strong electrical current in a short time to your battery to kick-start it. You don’t need another car or a second battery pack and the help of other people with this device.

Using this device is very easy as all you have to do is follow the owner’s manual instructions. Remember to inspect the automobile battery thoroughly to see if there is any external damage.

If your car battery is not functioning properly, it is best not to touch the battery and call the roadside service. Pairing battery starters with damaged batteries can lead to fire, explosion, and fatal injuries.

Remember to turn off all the electrical devices in your cars, such as small air conditioners, radio speakers, or LED light indicators.

How To Store Jump Starters?

The jump starters are very small and portable and can be placed fitly in the corner of the vehicle trunk. However, you should avoid strong collisions, hot temperatures, and liquid which can damage your device.

It is best to get the jump starter out of the car when not driving. The temperature inside the trunk can increase significantly in hot weather conditions, which is not ideal for jump starters.

How Long Does A Jump Starter Last?

The average lifespan of jump starters is from 4 to 7 years. With regular maintenance and ideal storage conditions, the lifespan can be increased.

How long a jump starter lasts depends on many factors, such as the quality of the device and storage.

There are hundreds of jump starter products with different voltages and qualities. Each model is designed to use specifically for a type of vehicle, such as automobiles, trucks, large vehicles, and motorcycles.

It is hard to determine the exact lifespan of a jump starter. Drivers who use this device properly and store it in ideal conditions (no humidity, cool temperatures) say that it still works well after six years.

In high temperatures, the lifespan of the battery will decrease faster. Another important factor is the charge cycles and the amount of power passed.

Overall, your device will last more than six years if you meet these conditions.

  • Cool storage temperature
  • No humidity and liquid
  • Following the proper instructions
  • Full charging cycle.
  • The right amount of power passed.
  • No collision or strong vibration.

Without these proper conditions, your device will wear down faster and can stop working after 3 or 4 years.

Car Battery

Car Battery

How To Increase The Lifespan Of A Jump Starter?

The way you use and store this device will determine its lifespan and efficiency. Here are some simple methods to make car battery starters last longer.

Maintain Suitable Temperature

Constant exposure to high temperatures (more than 32 celsius) will make the battery starter wear down very fast. Like other electrical units, the ideal storage temperature is around 10-20 Celcius.

The temperature inside the trunk is generally hotter (30-40 Celcius), especially when driving. Therefore you should get the unit out of the car trunk when you arrive at the destination.

However, you should also avoid too low temperatures (below 10 Celcius) because they are not ideal for the unit.

Using Charge Controller

The charge controller helps you keep track of the unit’s charging process to avoid overcharging. If you don’t frequently use the device, you should charge it once in 120 days.

Don’t wait for the unit’s battery to deplete completely to charge. The battery can deplete in hot temperatures even when you don’t use it.

Track The Battery

Does frequent charging affect the lifespan of your unit? Not necessarily.

The important thing to consider is the charge cycle of your device. One cycle is completed when you charge the battery from 0% to 100%, which usually takes 5-6 hours).

For this reason, you can charge the battery after every use without any problems.

Consider The Cycle

The duty cycle offered by the manufacturers is very important; ensure that you follow the described time in the manual. Any mistakes can damage your unit.

Safety Protocols

As I have mentioned above, you have to turn off all the electrical gadgets integrated into your cars, such as conditioners or radios, and LED lights. Check carefully if the car battery is damaged externally before pairing it with the unit.

After you have successfully kick-started the dead battery, remember to disconnect the battery starter and store it fitly in the trunk. The high voltage from the car battery can easily damage your device.

You should use the kick-start with a suitable voltage for your computer. If you use a unit designed for motorbikes on a truck battery, the kick-start process may not be successful.

For most starter models, you should not recharge them immediately after kick-starting your car. Wait at least half an hour for the inner components and battery of the unit to stabilize.

Inspect The Conditions

If you see the unit’s battery emitting liquids or acids, wipe these substances and let the unit cool down for a while. For more serious damages, it is best not to use the device and call roadside services.

Adjust Your Driving Habits

If possible, park the car in shady areas to reduce the sunlight. High temperatures can make your car battery depletes faster and wear down.

Don’t turn on and off the electrical devices in the car frequently. Many people think that doing this will help save power, but it is not true.

The devices need more power to start every time you turn them on. When driving, if the radio speaker stops working or the conditioners get weaker, it is a clear sign that your car battery is depleting.

Turn them off immediately and drive to the nearest car fixing store to recharge. In this way, you won’t need to use a battery starter.

Park The Car In Shady Areas

Park The Car In Shady Areas


How To Buy A Good Jump Starter?

Poor products will have shorter lifespans and are more prone to extreme temperatures or external damages. Here are the important factors to consider to help you select a high-quality jump starter.


Ensure that the product you buy has at least one year warranty and a few weeks of testing. Remember to test the device a few times at the store to see if it functions well.


Choose famous brands with proven product qualities and long-term experience in manufacturing jump starters. They offer a great warranty for their products and customer services.

Before bringing the unit home, ask the sellers carefully for detailed instructions on using the device. They will tell you how to store it properly and inform you about the advanced features of the product.

Some reputable jump starter brands are NOCO, GOOLOO, AVAPOW, and Audew. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose the most optimal device for your car.


Some high-end models are resistant to high and low temperatures, so you can store the unit in the trunk for months, and its battery still stands at 100%.

If you frequently switch between different types of vehicles (truck, motorcycle, or car), opt for powerful jump starters that are applicable to every vehicle.

They can kick-start your car more than 20 times with fully charged batteries.

If you want more in-depth information, consider watching the video below.

Final Thoughts

With proper care and maintenance, your jump starter can last for a long time, from 4 to 7 years on average. Ensure that you follow the suggested method carefully to make your device more durable.

We hope that the information provided can satisfy you.

Thank you for reading!