How To Disconnect, Replace Car Battery & Install A Car Battery

How To Disconnect, Replace Car Battery & Install A Car Battery
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Today, we are pleased to share with you how to disconnect, replace a car battery & install a car battery.

As you know, the lifespan of a car battery lasts usually from 3 – 5 years. After this period, it may no longer provide energy to your vehicle. That’s why you need to change the power source to keep the car running.

Of course, you can pay money for a technician to take care of the replacement work. But why waste money when you can change your car battery yourself?

Is it hard to install a car battery? Our answer is no! Right below, we share with you the easiest tips on battery disconnection, installation, and replacement. You can scroll down and learn them!

How To Disconnect Car Battery

How to disconnect a car battery

How to disconnect a car battery?

When Do You Need To Disconnect A Car Battery?

This practice is crucial in general and not only when your car battery is broken. There are many reasons why you should disconnect the power source.

Here, we sum up all the main reasons why you want to take care of the disconnection.

Vehicle Maintenance

Some special types of vehicles require the driver to disassemble all the components for maintenance. In such a case, you must take out the lamps, motors, and of course, the battery.

This requirement is essential. As you remove all the auto parts, sparking, flame or explosion risks will be reduced while maintaining your car.

Battery Check

When your vehicle does not work properly, the first thing you do is always check the battery. In many cases, it is not the battery, but other auto parts that break down, causing the car problems.

However, you still have to remove the battery to check its status.

Battery Replacement

After checking, you find that the battery is the culprit. Then it is time to replace the dead battery.

How often to change a car battery? Most car batteries will downgrade after 3 – 5 years. It’s wise to note down the first day of the battery installation and disconnect it after this 3 to 5-year period to check its status. Replacement is required if the battery is empty.

What Tools To Prepare For Battery Disconnection?

For safety during the battery examination, you need to prepare the following pieces of equipment:

  • Safety gloves that can insulate the electricity
  • Safety goggles to cover your eyes
  • A wrench that fits the nuts of the car terminals

What Do You Need To Do To Disconnect A Car Battery?

Steps for car battery disconnection

Steps for car battery disconnection

Here are the steps on how to disconnect a battery.

Step 1: Shut Down The Car

Shutting down the car engine should be the first thing that comes to mind. The battery may discharge and cause electrical hazards when you work while the vehicle is running.

Simply rotate the key or click on the OFF button to shut the engine down.

Step 2: Remove The Right Terminal

You should know which battery terminal to disconnect when working on the car first. Disconnecting the wrong cables may lead to serious injuries.

Remember to disassemble the negative terminal before the positive one. If the positive terminal comes out first, there is a risk of your tool getting in contact with a metal object on your car. It will short out the power source and cause issues with the vehicle’s electrical system.

In the worst case, disconnecting the positive cable may cause the battery to explode.

Different vehicle models have different locations for the terminals. You need to read the manual to find the installation place of the terminals. Normally, a negative terminal will have a blue or black color and a minus sign (-). And the positive will have a red color and a plus sign (+).

Step 3: Use A Wrench To Loosen The Terminal Nuts

As you locate the negative terminal, the next step is to use a wrench to loosen its nuts.

Different vehicles will have specific sizes of nuts and bolts. If you don’t know how to choose the right size of wrenches, you can bring a wrench kit and try each tool in it until you find the suitable one.

Place the wrench on the nut of the negative terminal and rotate it counterclockwise.

Step 4: Remove The Battery Terminals

The nut of the negative terminal is now loosened. You can easily put the terminal aside to remove it from the battery.

Make sure that you place the negative cable on an insulated object. Do not let the cable be in contact with the battery.

Once you are done with the negative side, you can repeat the process to remove the positive terminal.

Step 5: Disassemble The Battery

After terminals are ejected, it is now safe to bring out the battery.

Some batteries have a clamp to hold them in place. You can use a wrench to loosen the nuts on this clamp and lift the battery out of the car.

How To Install A Car Battery

How to install a car battery

How to install a car battery?

Can You Install A Car Battery Yourself?

Our answer is yes! It does not matter who can install a car battery. Both beginners and professionals can do the installation with ease.

You need to prepare the right tools and follow our guidance and safety tips; simple as it is. The installation will then be a piece of cake.

How Much To Install A Car Battery?

The price depends on who will install a car battery.

If you hire a technician to perform the installation for you, you will likely pay him about $20 – $75. This fee does not include the tools and the new battery.

In case you take care of the battery switch yourself, you only need to pay for the tools and the battery.

What Tools To Prepare For The Installation?

Here are all the tools you require for the work:

  • Wrenches to tighten the nuts of the terminals
  • Cleaning wire brush to get rid of dirt and dust on the battery
  • Gloves that are electrically insulated
  • Goggles to protect your eyes
  • Anti-corrosion sprayer

How To Put A Car Battery On?

Battery installation

Battery installation

Here are the steps on how to change a car battery without losing settings.

Step 1: Buy A Correct Battery

Each car model requires a specific type of battery. It is important to choose a suitable power source to keep the vehicle running properly.

Choosing the battery is not difficult. You can check your old battery’s voltage, capacity, cold-cranking amp rating, and chemistry. And then buy the new one that has similar specifications.

Otherwise, you can read the car manual to decide which battery models are compatible with your vehicle.

Step 2: Secure The Battery In The Tray

Now you have a new battery. The next job is to put it on the tray in your car.

You can notice that this job is the opposite when you disconnect the battery from the tray.

All you need to do is use a wrench to rotate the clamp clockwise instead of counterclockwise. This work will secure the battery in its place.

Step 3: Install Positive And Negative Terminals

How to install car battery terminals? Well! One more time, you do the opposite steps as you do the disconnection.

You will begin the work by connecting the positive battery cable to the battery terminal. Use the wrench to tighten the terminal. When the work is completed, repeat the process with the negative cable.

Step 4: Spray The Terminals With Anti-Corrosion Sprayer

You can spray an anti-corrosion sprayer on the terminals or simply put some layers of protective coats on them. This work will increase the terminals’ lifespan and prevent them from getting corroded.

Step 5: Clean The Battery Terminals And Other Surface

While you are installing, some dust or dirt may stick to the battery. You should use a brush to get rid of them. This work will allow the battery to last longer.

Step 6: Install An Extra Battery (Optional)

Normally, a car only requires a battery. But some drivers prefer installing a second battery.

So, how to install an extra car battery? This work is also very easy to do. You need to follow the following steps:

  • Choose a location inside the vehicle to install the second battery.
  • Mount a new battery tray in the location that you have chosen. Make sure that the tray fits the size of the extra battery.
  • You repeat our tips from step 2 to step 5 to install the new car battery.

How To Install A Car Battery Safely

A battery can self-discharge at any time. Without carefulness, you may get injured. Therefore, we want to teach you some important tips on how to install a car battery without getting shocked.

  • Know how to change car battery cables. Remove the negative cable before the positive one. And install the positive cable before the negative one.
  • Don’t use an old or used battery.
  • Don’t touch the metal parts of the battery directly.
  • Wear insulated gloves to avoid electrical hazards.
  • Don’t install the battery near open flames or high-temperature areas.
  • Check the battery to see whether it is broken or not.
  • Avoid batteries that have leakage. Leaked battery acid may cause self-sparking.


Questions About How To Replace A Car Battery

How to replace a car battery

How to replace a car battery

In this section, we answer the common questions on how to disconnect, replace a car battery & install a car battery.

#1: How Do I Disconnect My Car Battery And Reconnect it?

We have shown you the 5 steps for battery disconnection and 6 steps for battery installation above. Follow them strictly, and you will be able to do the work.

Overall, the most important thing you have to remember is how to change a car battery terminal.

For disconnection, you have to detach the negative cable before the positive one.

In contrast, you need to attach the positive cable before the negative one to do the installation safely.

#2: Can I Replace My Car Battery Myself?

Why not? As we have discussed above, the replacement is very simple to do. You just need to learn:

  • Remove and connect the car battery
  • Buy a new battery
  • How to keep the battery in place
  • How to keep the battery durable

We have explained all these procedures above. You can scroll up to learn them!

#3: How To Install A Battery Disconnect?

In case you disconnect the battery and find out that there is no issue, you are free to mount it back into your vehicle.

How to put a car battery back in? The steps are similar to when you replace a dead battery in your car.

#4: How Much Does It Cost To Install A Car Battery?

Most people don’t know how much to change a car battery. As we have said, the price depends on the person who does the replacement.

If you do the installation yourself, you only need to pay for the battery and the tool. However, if you hire a technician, you need to pay a fee of $20 – $75 in addition to the cost of the battery and the equipment.

#5: How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery Yourself?

The replacement does not take up a lot of your time.

Most experienced technicians need 10 – 15 minutes to replace the car battery. In case there are special battery issues to check, the replacement may take about 20 – 30 minutes.

A beginner may need more time to learn about his vehicle. Therefore, they may need 30 – 40 minutes to do the work. The extra time is due to the time they need to find the terminals’ location.

#6: How To Change A Car Battery Safely?

Here are the safety tips for car battery replacement:

  • Shut down the engine before starting the work.
  • Know how to change car battery connectors. Disconnect the negative cable before the positive cable. And install the positive before the negative.
  • Wear protective equipment, such as gloves, helmets, and goggles while replacing the battery.
  • Check the condition of the battery carefully. Do not buy a used one or one that leaks acid.
  • Don’t work near open flames or high-heat areas.

Remove and connect a car battery

Remove and connect a car battery


Now you know how to disconnect, replace a car battery & install a car battery.

Is it easy to install a car battery? We believe that your answer is yes! All steps we share with you are based on our own experience. Use them, and you will be able to replace the battery of any car!

In case you still have questions about this topic, get in touch with us. We will answer you as soon as we can.

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!

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