How To Jump A Car Without Another Car?

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What if you are cruising on a remote road track and the car battery suddenly dies out? What to do when you cannot find a nearby car rescue service?

Getting stuck in this situation is a nightmare for any driver. Therefore the basic knowledge to deal with these common automobile issues is very important.

This post will discuss “how to jump a car without another car” and gives you some simple solutions to fix this problem.

You can learn to jump your automobile battery safely with minimal effort based on the information provided.

Safety Requirements

You should check your automobile thoroughly for external damages or technical issues. It is very dangerous to jump a damaged battery, which can catch fire or even explode and cause fatal injuries.

Always store a mechanic glove in the trunk in case these urgent situations happen. Remember that you have to fix the issue with your hands, so a mechanic glove will ensure your safety and make you more confident.

It is best if you have safety glasses to protect your eyes against fire and electric blasts. Ensure that you understand the basics of jumping a car.

Any small mistakes can worsen the situation and cause unrestorable damage to the battery. So you have to be careful and patient in the fixing process.

A Mechanic GLove

A Mechanic Glove

What You Need

Some methods require the help of other people. If you can find nearby residents, don’t hesitate to ask for help. In remote areas where the assistance of strangers is unavailable, you will need a jump starter or a charged phone.

Every driver planning to drive on a long trip should store a jump starter in the trunk in case the battery dies out. It is a portable device used to start a vehicle.

This device produces a large amount of electricity in a short time period to kick-start a depleted power cell.

How To Jump Start A Car Without Another Car?

Here are four simple methods to kick-start a depleted automobile power cell.

You can choose the most optimal solution depending on the tools you have and the state of your vehicle’s battery.

Ensure that you meet the safety requirements and there is no external damage to the engine.

Push to start

Push-to-start is the simplest method, but it has the lowest success rate in kick-starting a dead vehicle. You should apply bump-starting when there are no tools or equipment available.

Ensure that your car is not standing on a slope or blocked by any obstacle on the road. You will need two to three people to push the car more easily.

  1. All of you stand behind the vehicle and get in the right posture to push. You stand in the front to push it backward.
  2. One person has to sit in the driver’s seat to turn on the ignition and hold the parking brake.
  3. Push the clutch to switch to second gear; now press the pedal and release the brake.
  4. Call the other people to push immediately. When the vehicle is pushed slowly, release the clutch.
  5. If the engine starts, you are successful. If it doesn’t, you have to repeat the same process, and the engine will turn on after a few attempts.

You need to push the vehicle at as high a speed as possible, which requires tremendous effort. If the engine doesn’t turn on, your car engine may have been damaged.

Push To Start

Push To Start 

Using Jump-start box

A jump starter is specifically designed to handle dead or depleted batteries. It will prevent sudden surges of electricity that can damage your vehicle.

There are two leads on the device: red and black. You need to pair the red lead with + and the black one with – on your vehicle power cell.

  1. Turn off your vehicle and remove the key to prevent sudden ignition.
  2. Most jump starters have built-in connecting cables. Pair the red connecting cable with the positive terminal.
  3. The black cable will go to your car engine block when you set up the right connections and power on the jump starter.
  4. Wait for the device to generate the electric power flow into your car battery. After 3-4 minutes, try starting the engine.
  5. If the engine turns on, you are successful. If it doesn’t, you should wait for a few more minutes and repeat the attempt.
  6. Remember to turn off the Kickstarter when the engine starts and disconnect the cables. Place the device secured in your trunk.

The steps may vary a little depending on your kick-starter model. If it still doesn’t work, try to find the owner’s manual and follow the instructions properly.

This method works most of the time, which provides a fast and efficient solution to kick-start dead batteries. It is applicable at any time and place without the help of other people or another vehicle.

Remember to inspect your jump starter regularly to recharge its power cell. Some types of jump starters may not work for your vehicle’s size and power voltage, so check carefully before purchasing.

GOOLOO 4000A Jump starter

A Portable Jump Starter 


Call For Assistance

The number to call roadside assistance is not the same in different regions. You should search for the right number in the region on the internet with your smartphone.

The keyword to search should be “roadside assistance near me,” and the numbers are usually in the form of AAA Roadside Assistance.

If there isn’t an internet connection, try looking for the number on the insurance card. After you have found the number, call it immediately for help.

You should first tell them about your current location. If it is too dark and you don’t know the place, try to describe the surrounding scenes.

An easier way is to tell them the place you started and how long you have been driving. The service can calculate and guess your current location.

Then remember to explain the situation clearly and tell them what is wrong with your automobile. In this case, it is the depleted power cell.

Depending on the distance between your site and the station, it may take a long time for the team to reach you.

Using A Battery Pack

You can kick-start dead batteries by linking them with a spare power pack. It will supply your car battery with electricity to turn on the engine.

Handle the spare battery gently and avoid strong collisions or it may be damaged and explode. Put them side by side and use a cable to pair the two batteries together.

Wait for a while (10-20 minutes) for the power cell to recharge and start the engine. If it turns on, you are successful.

If you want more detailed instructions, consider watching the video below.

How To Prevent Car Battery From Dying

Take your automobile to the car fixing store to regularly inspect its component and battery (every 3-6 months). In sunny weather conditions, the car batteries will deplete faster, so you should park the vehicle in shady places.

If you haven’t driven the car for a long time, it is best to recharge the battery. The electricity still slowly runs out even when you don’t use the vehicle.

When driving, if the radio or cooling system gets weaker, it is a sign that the power is almost depleted. Turn off all the devices that use electricity in your car immediately to ensure that the engine doesn’t turn off.

Final Thoughts

Stuck in the middle of the road with a dead battery is one of the worst experiences for drivers. To avoid this situation, you should grasp the basic methods to jump-start your vehicle.

We hope that the information provided in this post can satisfy you.

Thank you for reading!